Maksym I. Herasymiuk and Kateryna O. Aleksevych received associate professor's certificates (2023)

Professor Yurij M. Andrejchyn during the master-class for otorhinolaryngologists "Modern endoscopic technologies in otorhinolaryngology" (2023)

Associate Professor Maksym I. Herasymiuk completes individual first-aid kits for military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at one of the humanitarian logistics warehouses (2022) 

ENT doctors and employees of the department Yu.Z. Andrakhevych, A.O. Yashan, head of the ENT unit I.A. Gavura, associate professor M.I. Herasymiuk  and resident-doctor O.O. Govda handed over humanitarian aid from the Ukrainian diaspora of the Cleveland city (USA) to the units of the Ternopil regional clinical hospital (2022)

Associate professor P. Hudak teaches neurosurgery with the students (2021)

Resident A. Yashan performing endoscopic surgery (2021)

Assistant of the department Bidzilya P.V. and Associate Professor Gudak P.S. with Professor Kondratyuk V.V. (Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute) and doctors of Ternopil City Municipal Hospital No.1 emergency medical services after complex operations for brain tumors (2020)

Assistant Professor M.I. Herasymiuk  and prof. Krzysztof Morawski Head of the Clinic and Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Wroclaw Medical University (2020)

Professor Yu.M. Andrejchyn is conducting an online lesson for first - year             residents (2020)      

Assistant Professor M.I. Herasymiuk  is conducting an online  lesson for a group of students мм-443 (2020)

Rector of the University Professor M.M.  Korda awarded the B2 English language certificate to Assistant Professor M.I. Herasymiuk (2019) 

Associate Professor Yu.M. Andrejchyn and Assistant Professor M.I. Herasymiuk at the 1-st Ukrainian-Polish Congress "Innovative Technologies in Otolaryngology"  (2019)

Department team: At the front (from left to right): Associate Professor Yu.M. Andrejchyn, Assistant Professor K.O. Aleksevych, Professor O.I. Yashan, Professor P.V. Kovalyk, Assistant Professor M.I. Herasymiuk.  At the back (from left to right): Associate Professor A.P. Kovalyk, Associate Professor M.V. Turchyn, Associate Professor I.V. Malyovana (2019)

Associate Professor Yu.M. Andrejchyn examining a patient (2018) 

Assistant Professor K.O. Aleksevych and Associate Professor M.V. Turchyn performing cataract extraction in the surgery theatre of the University hospital (2018) 

Professor O.I. Yashan examining a patient using a microscope (2017) 

Associate Professor M.V. Turchyn providing medical care to a patient (2016)

Department team: At the front (from left to right): Assistant Professor T.I. Romaniuk, Laboratory Technician O.A. Kaminska, Assistant Professor L.O. Ostrovska, Professor O.I. Yashan, Professor P.V. Kovalyk, Associate Professor I.V. Malyovana. At the back (from left to right): Associate Professor P.S. Hudak, Assistant Professor K.V. Hnatko, Associate Professor M.V. Turchyn, Associate Professor A.P. Kovalyk (2015)

Professor P.V. Kovalyk examining a patient (2014)